Boutique Hostal Salinas

As part of our 10 years of Boutique Hostal Salinas celebrations, we have asked 10 djs who have been part of our story to contribute Spotify playlists for your listening pleasure. Our shared history in Ibiza is inextricably linked to music and music has always been an important part of vibe at BHS, be it the evening socials or simply the laid back sunny afternoons. The eclectic nature of these playlists is a testament to that and it is reflective of some of the wonderfully diverse musical minds who have generously contributed to this concept.

In the coming series we will bring you playlists from Alfredo, Andy Dub, Amp & Deck,  David Phillips, Richard Norris, PBR Streetgang, Ryan O Gorman, Richard Hampson, and Tim Sure

Delivering the perfect soundtrack to any sunny afternoon that meets the evening in Salinas is Amp & Deck. Spotify Link.